Sound Communication Robot


マイクとLED、スピーカーを搭載したロボットを制作。ロボットに音声を入力することでロボットの性格が決定される。ロボットは男女(ピッチ)、性格(音量の変化)、状態(リズムの変化)を持ち、他の個体との距離によって影響し合って音と光のパターンを変化させる。[lang_en]I made a prototype robot for Tatsuya Matsui’s exhibition, “Flower Robotics”, in the Contemporary Art Gallery at the Art Tower Mito. This work is a experimetal installation to find the best way to communicate with robots.
I made a robot which has microphone, led light and speaker. Each robot’s character is determined by analyzing the inputted voice. As a result of the analysis, those robots have sex (pitch), characters (change in volume), and conditions (change in rhythm). Those robots also affect each other depending on their position.[lang_en]


Concept : Tatsuya Matsui
Device Design : Motoi Ishibashi
Sound and LED Design : Daito Manabe
Special thanks :Shintaro Wada, Takashi Suzuki, Toshitaka Mochizuki, Ikumi Hirata