Proce55ing Life


This work aims to make one to enjoy seeing the process that sampled sounds and video are given effects limitlessly by laying blocks with built-in RF tags.
The first computer samples sounds and video, gives them effects, and then sends them to the second computer through TCP/IP.
The second computer again gives effects to those sounds and video, and sends them to the third computer – and the same process is repeated.
After the eighth computer gives effects to the sounds and videos, it sends them back to the first computer, so this effect processes are repeated infinitely.
By selecting effects that can stand these infinite processes, one can enjoy the images so complicated and unimaginable from the each simple effect.


Audio/Visual/Network design and Programming : Daito manabe
RFID Device/System design and programming : Motoi Ishibashi
Graphic design : Seiichi Saito (Rhizomatiks)