Motoi Ishibashi

Born 1975. Studied control system engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology followed by mechanical engineering and image processing engineering at the International Academy of Media Arts and Science in Gifu, Japan, thus initiating the foray into digital media production.
Currently pursuing new artistic methods in embracing the visual environment as well as devising engineering solutions for art production and public interactive spaces. Began the “DGN Co.,Ltd.” in 2006 in the development of creating designs and devices for interactive systems.
Began geek’s labratory “4nchor5 la6” with Daito Manabe in 2008.
2011 Prix Ars Electronica Interactive Art Awards of Distinciton
2011 The 15th Japan Media Art Festival Excellent Prize


2011『proportion』ICC, Tokyo
2011 Estuko Yakushimaru『Nornir/boys, -come back to boys-』MV
2011 『particles』exhibition, ARS Electronica Center, Linz, Austria
2011 『16 forms』「KAITEKI: Chemical Reactions between Technology and Art」, Aoyama Spiral, Tokyo
2011 Etsuko Yakushimaru『Lulu/Tokimeki Hacker』MV
2011 『particles』Yamaguchi Center of Art and Media, Yamaguchi
2010 『points』Sendai Mediataque, Sendai
2010 『the way sensing go』Nam June Paik Award, Düsseldorf
2010 『fadeout』Ars Electronica 2010, Linz
2010 『fadeout』Welcome to the magic museum, Museum of Oita, Oita
2010 『fadeout』Knowledge capital trial 2010, Osaka
2010 Time Lapse Plant, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Yebisu
2009 Time Lapse Plant(prototype), BankArt NYK, Yokohama
2009 Pa++ern, B Gallery, Tokyo
2009 The Way Sensing GO PLUS, ICC, Tokyo
2009 Cage, Kyoto
2008 The Way Sensing GO, JEANS FACTORY ART AWORDS, Kochi
2007 TRUE at YCAM, Yamaguchi
2007 Processing Life at ICC, Tokyo
2007 SONIC Floor at KIGS, Kitakyushu
2006 RFID light sequencer at ICC, Tokyo
2006 MAZDA CX-7 Showroom MAZDA, Tokyo
2004 Louis Vuitton and International Exhibitions 1867-1931 LOUIS VUITTON, Tokyo
2003 Mathematique des Objets Sensibles exhibition LOUIS VUITTON, Omotesando, Tokyo
1999 G-Display at ICC, Tokyo


2011 『TASAKI Timeless Message』System design and develop
2011 『Sonar Sound Tokyo』Red Bull Booth Interactive
2010 『GUCCI icontemporary』Window display system design
2010 『Interlop NTT Communications』multi-touch windows system design
2010 Namba Takashimaya 5okai, system desgin
2009 tototalk, commercial web site, system design
2008 ISS system, National Museum of Emerging Science and Inovation, Tokyo
2007 d-labo -SURUGA Bank Rounge- at Roppongi, Tokyo
2007 FENDI Jeddah Permanent Installation, Jeddah KSA
2007 FENDI Peking Rd., Hong Kong Permanent Installation, Hong Kong
2006 HITACHI RESEARCH INSTITUTE Permanent Installation, Tokyo
2006 Steelcase, Hong Kong Permanent Installation, Hong Kong
2005 Steelcase, Japan Permanent Installation, Tokyo
2005 SPIRITUAL MODE, Aoyama Installation, Tokyo
2005 FENDI Flagship Store, New York Permanent Installation, New York
2005 FENDI Boutique, Osaka Permanent Installation, Osaka
2004 LOUIS VUITTON Osaka Opening Party Installation (Hyogo PrefectMuseum of Art), Kobe
2003 Tokyo Designers Block 2003 Installation IDEE + ABSOLUT + UN Tokyo
2002 HaaT AOYAMA Installation ISSEY MIYAKE, Tokyo


2003-2005 Tokyo University of the Arts, Inter Media Art Dept.
2004-2006 Tama Art University


2010.02 Web Designing March article by exonemo about 4nchor5 la6
2009.12 AXIS vol.143 article about 4nchor5 la6
2009.12 Brain 2010/Febrary abiut tototalk.jp project
2009.02 Syoten-Kenchiku 「SPECIAL FEATURE」as DGN
2008.01-2008.08 Web Designing「Beyond the Browser」with Daito Manbe
2008.12 WebDesignnote No.9 as 4nchor5 la6
2007.12 Syoten-Kenchiku「Designer’s Voice4」as DGN
2006.07 Syoten-Kenchiku「Hitachi Research lab」