TRUE -本当のこと-


The new sound, light and dance performance, true is a stage performance piece that explores the relationship between the brain and the reality we face, and is, performed by two performers.
The white-floor stage is sandwiched by metal scaffoldings on both sides, has an circular truss 8 meters in diameter up in the ceiling to hang LED lights, a screen in the back onto which computer-generated graphic images are projected; and a table that looks like a simple, regular wooden table, although a bit bulky, but is in fact loaded with a number of mechanical devices, and works as the main *neural center* of the stage. On top of the table are some usual things like books, a photograph, a globe, cups and glasses, etc, and the two performers play with them, on, through and around the table. As for lighting, the digitally controlled LED technology enables instant color changes and high-speed synchronization for a whole -new lighting experience. For sound, oscillators are attached to the metal scaffoldings on either sides of the stage and shake them in synch with music and the performers’ actions to enhance the acoustic experience of the audience.
Using myoelectric sensors attached to the performersユ bodies, the above effects as well as visuals are linked and synched to, and even controlled by, the performers’ actions at amazingly high resolution levels that are only possible with today’s advanced technology. Filled with such new kind of light and sound, the theater space itself becomes the extension of the performers’ bodies that repeatedly flickers and vibrates to provide the audience with a totally new sensory experience.
See TRUE Official web site.