‘points’ is an artwork that draws the image of audience with 3D camera and air gun. Software calculate the contours of audience from depth data of 3D camera. The contours converted to the shoot points of air gun. Calculate the optimal route using the TSP -Traveling Salesman Problem- algorithm. Air gun controlled by two high resolution servo motors is keep shooting on the paper canvas.

shown at

2010.09.18 – 12.26 Sendai Mediatheque, Sendai, Japana
2011.02.17 – 02.20 Tokyo FrontLine VIP ROOM、3331 Arts Chiyoda、Tokyo
2011.06.09 – 06.11 OFFF festival, OFFF Matica, Barcelona, Spain


The 14th Japan Media Arts Festival, Jury Recommended Works


Concept : Daito Manabe + Motoi Ishibashi
Software : Daito Manabe
Hardware : Motoi Ishibashi
Mechanical : Yukio Akiba
Video : Muryo Homma
Support : Tomoaki Yanagisawa