This is an art installation which is able to create a visionary beautiful dots pattern of blinking innumerable illuminations floating in all directions on the air.
The number of balls with a built-in LED, pass through one after another on the rail “8-spiral shape.” We see this phenomenon like “the light particle float around” because the balls radiate in various timing.
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shown at

2011.03.05 - 05.05 Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM]


2011 PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA ‘Interactive art’ Award of Distinction


Planning and software development: Daito Manabe [JP] (4nchor5 La6, Rhizomatiks)
System design and hardware development: Motoi Ishibashi [JP] (4nchor5 La6,Rhizomatiks, DGN)
Rail structure design and production: Seiichi Saito [JP] (Rhizomatiks)
Youichi Sakamoto(Rhizomatiks)
Ball design and development: Tomoaki Yanagisawa [JP] (4nchor5 La6)
Lift structure design and production: Yukio Akiba [JP] (Gadget)
Graphic design: Hiroyasu Kimura(Rhizomatiks) Megumi Shima [JP] (Rhizomatiks)
Document video filming and editing: Muryo Homma [JP] (Rhizomatiks)
Planning support: Ichiro Kojima [JP] (Rhizomatiks)
Onsite support: Kanta Horio [JP] (4nchor5 La6)
Production support: Kensuke Fujishiro [JP] (Rhizomatiks)
Technical support: YCAM InterLab
Cooperation: Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM]
Special thanks MIKIKO and poko [JP]